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"To my friends around the world ... Aloha!

Buried within this site, you will find a wealth of information ranging from gem hunting to politics and stories behind the gems. You'll also have an opportunity to safely travel with me on several of my expeditions to Afghanistan and Central Asia via the slide shows, articles, books and documentary film.

Please note that by my working with and being a member of the East Honolulu Rotary Club and the Kamehameha Lions Club we are providing FREE School Books and Supplies and FREE Eye Examinations and Eye Glasses to the children in the mountains of Afghanistan.

I always enjoy hearing from everyone ... especially from the many gem collectors I've met in my travels around the world. Oh, and don't be too surprised if I drop in from time-to-time with a NewsBlast!

Below, you will find additional definitions (and links) to help you move around the site. I hope you enjoy the web site and let us be your supplier with our large inventory of over 60,000 colored gems ... Aloha!"

If you would like to follow us on our 2012 trip to pass out Free eye glasses and school supplies in Afghanistan for the Kamehameha Lions Club, Click Here Gary W. Bowersox and Kay Kolt.

--Mr. Gary

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
February 3rd-8th - Booth #2707

Hong Kong Mineral & Gem Show
June 27th-30th - Booth #6B01


Photos of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia Events/Lectures
  • Find out when/where gem shows and lectures will be held
  • A Status Report On Gemstones From Afghanistan
  • The Gujar Killi Emerald Deposit, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan
  • Emeralds of Panjsher Valley, Afghanistan
  • Ruby and Sapphire from Jegdalek, Afghanistan
  • Book Reviews
  • Gems and Gemology
  • Good Morning America Nov. 7, 2001
  • CNN - Saturday Morning News Nov. 17, 2001
  • The Smithsonian
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