Gemstone hunter
Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

7th Symposium on the Gems and Minerals of Afghanistan - Agenda

February 4th

9:00AM 1. Welcome Gary W. Bowersox, Symposium Director and President, GeoVision, Inc.
9:15AM 2. Introduction Alice S. Keller, Editor, Gems and Gemology, Gemological Institute of America
9:30AM 3. Review of findings from 1st-6th Symposiums Gary W. Bowersox
4. Current Status of Mining Operations:
10:00AM     A. Jegdalek
    - Status Report
Mirwaees Khan, Vice President, Jegdalek Ruby Corporation
10:30AM     - Production Jamal Khan
10:45AM     B. Panjsher
    - Status Report
Sher Dil Qader, Representing Emerald Miners of the Panjsher Valley
    C. Nuristan
1:00PM     - Introduction Aref Hanifi, President, CGI Corporation
1:30PM     - Building a Gem and Mineral Industry in Kunar Rohullah Sayed
2:00PM     - Manpower for mining Anwar Percha
2:30PM     - Exploration & Extraction Abdul Baki
3:00PM 5. Mining Equipment Demonstration
4:00PM-7:00PM BREAK

Satellite Photo
Satellite Photo of Nuristan Area
(Click on image for detailed relief map)

February 5th

9:00AM 6. Movie "Gemstones of America" - Shows mining methods
9:45AM 7. A Plan for Exploration Dr. Larry Snee, Dr. Eugene Foord, and Branden Laurs, Economic Geology Study (USGS)
11:00AM 8. A Plan for Extraction Dr. Roshan Bhappu, President, Mountain States R & D - International, Inc.
1:00PM 9. Use of Satellite data for Gem and Minerals Exploration Darrold Holcomb, ERDAS, Inc.
1:45PM 10. Expedition, Summer 1998 Mr. Gary Bowersox
2:00PM 11. Project Coordination and Communications for 1998 Expedition Khudai Nazar Akbari, Project Manager, GeoVision, Inc.
2:30PM 12. The Year 2000 and Beyond Gary W. Bowersox, President, GeoVision,Inc.

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