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Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

8th Symposium on the Gems and Minerals of Afghanistan - Results

A review of past Symposiums, literature, reports and personal experiences only convinced the members of this 7th Symposium on Gems and Minerals of Afghanistan that they were discussing one of the world's most ancient areas (6,500 years) for gem production. To date, this area still has a mysterious potential for future spectacular discoveries.

Members of this symposium discussed how advances in geophysical techniques and computer imaging using radar, GPS (ground positioning system), and satellite data now permit mapping at significant depths beneath the earth's surface. The latest in extraction and sorting techniques were also viewed and discussed by the members, in addition to current techniques being used in the mining areas.

All the above reviews and discussions lead to the development of plans for an expedition during the Summer of 1998 (See Afghanistan Expedition 1998). During this planned expedition, to include Jegdalek, Nuristan, and Panjsher, many of the most modern exploration techniques will be field tested. The overall goals are to: 1) locate new and define old gem and mineral deposits, and start formal geological mapping and economic deposit valuation studies, 2) advise village people on how to increase production, 3) establish a marketing system, and 4) prepare and publish reports to promote the Afghanistan gem and mineral industry. The expected results will be increased employment, foreign currency, and tax revenue for the people of Afghanistan.

Further, all members of the 1998 symposium were invited to attend the 7th Symposium on the Gems and Minerals of Afghanistan to be held in Tucson, AZ in February, 1999.

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