Gemstone hunter
Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

8th Symposium on the Gems and Minerals of Afghanistan - Dedication


For twenty-three yeas this special man who was placed on this earth to protect and save the people and country of Afghanistan against unbelievable odds.

  • A man with as few as five people he started to rally against Communism in 1978.
  • A man who found himself against 100,000 Russian troops.
  • A man who stood talk against Hekmatyar backed by Pakistan.
  • A man who stood tall against the Pakistan, the USA and Saudi Arabia backed Taliban. He and his supporters held a front line only 18miles to the North of Kabul for eight years.
  • A man who stood tall against Osama bin Laden and his form of Islam.
  • A man who stood tall until he met his end by the deceit of suicide bombers in his office on September 9th, 2002. Thus proving once again that war does not prove who is right nor who is wrong but who is left behind.
  • Ahmed Shah Massoud was a man who loved his country.
  • A man who enjoyed gems. Each time we met he had questions and some gem rough to discuss with me.
  • A man who personally reviewed and approved of our Symposiums in Chitral, Pakistan to provide exploration, guidance and training to the miners.

In his honor let us go forward with this 8th Symposium!

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