Gemstone hunter
Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter


                      Ministry of Mines and Industry
                     Department of Minerals Extraction

                                                            No.: 133
                                                            Dated:  30/05/1375*

To:  Whom It May Concern

Mr. Gary W. Bowersox during his stay in Kabul in the month of August 1996 met
experts and steering committee of Ministry of Mines and Industries three times
relating extraction, export and sale of Gemstones.  During the meeting the above
mentioned person expressed his interest and promise to contact with different
international companies to find out the possibility of cooperation and investment
and attract their attention to the sale, extraction and export of
Afghanistan?s minerals.

As far as Mr. Gary W. Bowersox has experience in the sale and marketing of
gemstones, particularly lapis, emerald and etc., therefore, the Ministry of
Mines and Industries introduces him as consultant of this ministry to communicate
and discuss the above mentioned subjects with related national and international
companies.  In order to pave the way of cooperation and investment on the basis
of development, extraction, investment, sale and marketing of Afghanistan?s
minerals, especially gemstone and precious stones in accordance with rules and
regulations of this ministry.

Yours faithfully,


Eng.  M. Yaqob
Minister for Mines and Industries

Appointment Letter (in Farsi)

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