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Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

Events & Lectures

Upcoming Events and Lectures


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Upcoming Events

Date(s) City/State Location Code
05/10/17 Rome, GA Greenes Jewelers R
05/11/17 - 05/13/17 Rome, GA Greenes Jewelers G
05/18/17 Huntsville, AL Osbornes Jewelers R
05/19/17 - 05/20/17 Huntsville, AL Osbornes Jewelers G
07/18/17 Glen Arbor, MI Beck Thatcher Jewelry G
07/20/17 Glen Arbor, MI Beck Thatcher Jewelry R
10/28/17 - 10/30/17 Bloomington, IN Gold Casters Fine Jewelry GB

GeoVision, Inc. presents the Afghan Connection Event in 15 cities throughout the U.S. each year. At each event, over 60,000 gems are displayed for sale, with prices ranging from $2 to $102,000.

Most gem/jewelry events are scheduled for three days with an opening party, slide show, and lectures on gem hunting in Afghanistan.

Customers attending these events will view a Smithsonian style exhibit including both rough and cut gems and jewelry available for sale.

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Host an Event

If your jewelry business is interested in hosting an Event, GeoVision, Inc. will provide a total public relations package which includes: press releases, 8-minute infomercial, schedules, newspaper ads, event consulting, etc. Gary Bowersox is also available for radio and television interviews. For further information, send us an e-mail or contact us at:
   GeoVision, Inc
   P.O. Box 89646
   Honolulu, HI 96830

You may listen to the sound from Gary's infomercial here (streaming RealAudio file)...

Afghan Connection Infomercial

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GeoVision, Inc
P.O. Box 89646
Honolulu, HI 96830

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