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Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

Present, Future & Past Expeditions

2009 Expedition -

May, 2009 Afghanistan Expedition
During July and August Gary Bowersox directed a teams of scientist and afghans to every emerald mine in Panjshir Valley and every ruby mine in Jegdalek. A full written report was prepared and submitted to USAID/DAI/ASMED.

(See slide Show #13)
GHC team

2005 Expedition -

July-August, 2005 Hindu Kush/Pamir Mountains Expedition
We were not able to complete the 2004 Scientific Expedition due to our guide's accident and our inability to obtain special permission to enter and travel in some security areas. During this 2005 Expedition, "Gem Hunter" Gary Bowersox was permitted to travel from Dushanbe across Western Tajikistan to near the Chinese border to visit and study the gem mines and meet with the miners and local people. Over the next few months, further articles and reports will be rendered on this expedition. For a general overview of the trip go to slide show #12 with it's detailed descriptions.

See slide show #12

2004 Expedition -

July-August, 2004 Hindu Kush/Pamir Mountains Expedition

Gary's Expedition will carry the same Explorers' Club flag that accompanied Robert Ballard on the Bismarck Expedition!
(Short History of the Flag)
(Letter from Explorers Club)

This expedition is to expand on the previous trips to gather information on the gemstones and minerals of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, and their locations. The group of scientists will begin the expedition in Islamabad, Pakistan and travel thru the Khyber Pass to Kabul with a stop at the Jegdalek ruby mines. From Kabul the expedition will travel past the Panjsher Valley emerald mines over Anjuman Pass and to the lapis lazuli mines in Badakhshan. They will then continue the expedition by crossing the Ab-i-Panj River into Tajikistan. From there the expedition will meet Tajikistan scientist and travel to different gem and mineral sites in the Pamir Mountains including the ancient spinel mines at Kuh-i-Lal. The return trip will include travel through northern Pakistan.

(View Map and See slide show #11)

2002 Expedition -

The 2002 Expedition was an expedition through northern Pakistan to Kabul to meet with the new government leaders.

(See slide show #9)

2001 Expedition -

The 2001 Expedition to Egypt and Central Asia has now been completed. GeoVision, Inc. and Free Spirit Films have joined together to film and document for TV the 7,000 year old trail from the lapis lazuli mines, hidden at altitudes of over 12,000 feet in the Hindu Kush Mountains, to Egypt.

The tales of Gary Bowersox, Marco Polo, and Captain John Woods, whose exploration journeys of adventure, intrigue and danger along this trail are legendary, are highlights of the film. Carved scarabs (family seals) and antique lapis statues, jewelry and masks made for the Egyptian Pharaohs were filmed, as well as modern lapis pieces.

The documentary film was completed during March of 2002.(See slide show #8)

2000 Expedition -

In the year 2000, their was heavy fighting in Afghanistan. Therefore, Gary Bowersox elected to travel alone into the country. After meeting with gem miners in Tajikistan and purchasing a 50ct Spinel from Kuh-i-Lal, Gary waited in Dushanbe for Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud to send a helicopter for him. Once in Panjsher, Gary plans was to continue mapping the emerald mining area using satellite maps and GPS readings to refine ground truth on the satellite map. However, the fighting intensified, bombs were being dropped and the valley was surrounded on three sides by the Taliban/Pakistan Army and Bin Laden's troops. Once the helicopter was no longer available for escape, Gary decided to travel the 110 miles by heel and toe express (walking) and horse thru the Hindu Hush Mountains to Chitral Pakistan. After reaching Pakistan, Mr. Haider (owner of The Mountain Inn and Gary explored a new fossil field at 13,000 feet which was located north of Chitral at the base of Mt. Tirichmir (25,500 feet). (See slide show #7)

1999 Expedition -

View our 1999 Summer Expedition to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan... And Pakistan, also!

1998 Expedition -

GeoVision, Inc. announces the First Economic Geology Study of the Panjsher emerald mines, the Jegdalek ruby mines, and the Nuristan tourmaline, aquamarine, kunzite and morganite mines. The first expedition began in Afghanistan during the Summer of 1998.Expedition Details

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