Gemstone hunter
Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

'98 Afghan Expedition

Learn About Our '98 Expedition!
It was a real success... check out our slide show!

'98 Afghan Expedition

1. To locate and begin mapping the Afghanistan gem deposits using GPS (ground positioning system), satellite and radar data with the latest geophysical technology and computer imaging.
2. To begin developing computer models for future exploration.
3. To begin economic geology studies to determine the value of the deposits.
4. To brief village miners on exploration, extraction, equipment, and marketing of gem materials.
5. To publish an article on the gemstones of Afghanistan in Gems and Gemology.
6. To promote the Afghanistan Gem and Mineral industry on the world market via lectures, articles and documentaries.

The Expedition will start from Peshawar in June of 1998 with the Afghanistan ground work to be completed by August 20th. This will include trips into Nuristan, Panjsher and possibly Jegdalek.

Key Participants:
Gary Bowersox, Khudai Nazar Akbari, Dr. Larry Snee, Brendan Laurs, Darrold Holcum, Jamal Khan, Mir Wais Khan, Said Rohullah, Sher Dil Qader. Haris Hanifi.

Invitations into Panjsher have been confirmed by Sher Dil Qader and Haroun Amin, assistant to the United Nations Afghanistan Ambassador. The Nuristan invitation came from Mulla Habibullah, President of Plan In Eastern Zone (See Exhibit A).

This is an optimal time for this Expedition. All Afghan parties/tribes are currently working on a peaceful solution to their differences. In April, 1998, Bill Richardson, Washington's Ambassador to the United Nations, met with the Afghan leaders. In addition, Pakistan, Iran, Great Britain, Japan and Germany have joined to initiate peace in the region.

Expedition Meeting

The first photo from the 1998 Expedition:
Meeting at Green's hotel.
Left to right - Sher Dil, Gary, Khudai Nazar, Mir Waees, and Rohullah.

Afghan Miners

Jamal Khan on left and Mir Wais Khan on right of
Gary with other miners at Jegdalek deposit.

Note: An article on the "Emeralds of Panjsher" (see below) has been published and an article on the "Rubies and Sapphires of Jegdalek" is now in review. In addition, three chapters can be found in GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN on the Panjsher, Jegdalek and Nuristan deposits.

Overlooking Khenji and Panjsher

Haji Abdul Rahim, Gary, and Khudai Nazar Akbari overlooking Khenji and
Panjsher Valley from emerald mine at 12,000 feet (3,660 meters).

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