Gemstone hunter
Gemstone hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter
Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter

About GeoVision, Inc.

GeoVision, Inc. was established and organized by Gary W. Bowersox in 1984. Mr. Bowersox merged his other company, Gem Industries, Inc, into GeoVision. As a result of this merger, GeoVision, Inc. began with contracts, contacts, and operations dating back to 1969. During these 34 years, research data and gems have been collected from Afghanistan, Brazil, Burma, India, Kenya, Kazakistan, Kyrgistan, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Appointment Letter (in Farsi)
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Gem Industries and GeoVision, Inc. have sponsored eight International Gem and Mineral Symposiums, held in the USA and the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. In addition, the finances of GeoVision, Inc. have supported numerous presentations, lectures, and articles. Many articles have been published in Gems & Gemology. One book, Gemstones of Afghanistan, was financed by GeoVision and published by Geoscience Press.

In 2002, a $500,000 documentary film titled "The Gem Hunter in Afghanistan" was completed. This film takes the viewer to the ancient lapis-lazuli and emerald mines.

In 1976, Mr. Bowersox received an exclusive license from the Ministry of Commerce of Afghanistan to import Lapis-Lazuli into the United States. On August 20, 1996, the Ministry of Mines and Industry in Kabul, Afghanistan appointed Mr. Bowersox consultant to the ministry. However, continued fighting in Afghanistan has hindered many projects.

GeoVision, Inc. has an exquisite collection of over 60,000 gems which Mr. Bowersox displays and sells in his events with major retail jewelers and distributors across the USA. This distribution system has resulted in the sale of over six thousand gems and mineral specimens each year for the last 15 years. Many of the gems sold have been cut by award winning cutters and then designed into jewelry by some of America's top designers. Thus, the events have attracted over one hundred thousand potential customers each year for the past 15 years.

Our Mission...

The mission of GeoVision, Inc. is to locate new gem deposits and to expand upon old deposits in Central Asia, to publicize the knowledge of these deposits, and distribute the rough and cut gems produced from these locations to the world markets.

Central Asia

To accomplish the above goal, GeoVision, Inc. has been deeply involved in exploration, mining, cutting, jewelry design, and marketing. GeoVision promotes the countries of origin and the gem industry via symposiums, lectures, films and sales events in over 50 world cities and villages each year.

GeoVision offers training in the following areas:

  1. How to locate gem and mineral deposits
  2. How to evaluate gem deposits
  3. How to operate mines
  4. How to operate mines safely
  5. How to identify and grade gemstones
  6. How to increase mine production
  7. How to increase profits with the proper care and handling of gem crystals
  8. How to market rough and cut gems
  9. How to increase cash flow through improved marketing

This results in the following benefits to the country of origin:

  1. Stimulates regional development
  2. Provides employment opportunities
  3. Maximizes mineral potential
  4. Provides exports
  5. Provides foreign exchange

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